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Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are all my brain and body needs,

Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are very good indeed …





the Blacksocks


Dave watched an early Blacksocks gig in 2007  and decided they needed a singer - and volunteered. He was later sent to Leeds College of Music to learn how to do the job!  There he went - he has kept the job ever since and improves and mellows all the while!

He has spent a lifetime searching out obscure bands in equally obscure locations - such knowledge is not always useful!

Is equally at home whether fronting the band in community arts centres, back rooms of pubs or outdoor festivals - anywhere in fact.

Along with Len Forbes (Rhythm Guitar) he is co-organiser of the Music Festival at Swillington Organic Farm on the edge of Leeds. He was seen looking on with gobsmacked amazement as around 500 folk turned up and were thoroughly enjoying the outstanding success of the 2015 event.

 To see the video of Dave’s 2015 Leeds College of Music showcase - click here


Back in 2005 Len saw a mad Minorcan  called Xec  nervously murder a Stones song at a coffee shop charity gig and thought   “I could do that!”

After purchasing a cheap Mandolin Len pestered Xec to teach him all he knew. All that turned out to be was a collection of Ramones songs played with three chords!

With the visit of Lluis, another Minorcan, and Lens contribution  of  a Clapton song (Wonderful Tonight)  - the Blacksocks were begun ( with 3 mad amigos sat there trading Manna and wearing     black socks! )

After the addition of a singer (Dave) and the loss of a guitarist he took on a new role as a rhythm man - which he is definitely enjoying and is still learning ...  strum by strut!   It’s now 2015    he aims to peak around 2025.   


I began playing the drums at about the age of 16 with all and sundry saying - “Nothing  good can come of this”. Well it didn’t take long to prove them right but even so I persisted in this foolishness, playing in pubs and clubs up and down the country with various different bands. In my late 20’s I was  once compared to the late great Buddy Rich. Not too favourably mind you. Well, the actual words used were  - “You’re rubbish compared to Buddy Rich.”

Eventually I accidentally retired from playing for several years when my day job became my night job!

In 2011 I ran into the Blacksocks and was persuaded, ney forced, to pick up the sticks again.

I’ve been with them ever since but secretly I sometimes  wear other coloured socks. Don’t tell the others!


It is the end of 2007 and I am told to stop singing. What am I to do? Music is in me and my family. I used to sing in the Perez Casas Choir in Spain and my mum was a singer.

Then in early 2008 my Blacksocks friends ask me to learn the guitar with them and I quickly learnt a few tunes. A few months later, in summer 2008, our friends the Barcelona Blacksocks came to Leeds for a joint concert. When rehearsing I realised that as guitarist number five my effect will not be much.

But I had an idea, if I borrowed a bass I could then add depth to our music - I could make a real contribution! This I did, I had to improvise, I had to learn, but I had found my place! This then made real sense to me as my uncle played bass for good rock bands in the 70's and the 80's.

I have very eclectic taste when it comes to listening to music. I only listen to fast-paced songs or anything that is full of rich and complex lines. The slow stuff I only enjoy playing! And please don't ask me much about titles of songs or names of artists cause my memory is full of other things!



Pete played with the Blacksocks for around a year when, in 2011, we first asked him to sit in for a gig we we’re doing at Seven Arts in Leeds ... he’s now a hostage!

He’s played in numerous bands in lots of styles from acoustic Americana to Rock & Roll around Leeds and London for a number of years.

You’ll see and hear his experience especially if he plays his 1952 Gibson Gold Top - we think he bought it new!

His arty day job helps to influence the surreal soundscapes the Blacksocks generate.






All About Us

The band has been around for a while now being formed in 2007 with Len the remaining founder member. Antonio & Dave also joined in 2007 with Deryk & Pete joining in 2011. Our eclectic style lends itself to being played electrically or unplugged so we can play almost anywhere. We play at indoor & outdoor venues including community events and gigs for support groups and charities.  

We are  -  in random alphabetical order

Founder Members

Xec Juanico

Xec co founded the Blacksocks with Len in 2007. This metal loving Minorcan remains a friend, confidant & an inspiration. Mixing the Ramones & Motorhead with subtleties learned at the Cuban Music school in Barcelona Xec's passion for music is now combined with fatherhood so we expect to be hearing from his daughter Aitanna sometime soon.

Lluis Carreras

Another mad Minorcan Lluis featured in several early Blacksocks gigs. He remains an avid supporter of the Blacksocks albeit from Air Traffic Control towers in Minorca. So if you are planning a visit you are in safe hands. Honest.


Reg Tzudec

A skilled writer & poet Reg sung with the band in its formative stage notably writing short pieces of humorous prose fitted between the songs on the band's 'garageland' tour. Reg also wrote a series of short plays based around the theme of Jack & the Beanstalk which he performed with Dave & Len at Pinfolds (a home for teenagers with disabilities in Halton, Leeds). A keen fell runner Reg now lives in Hebden Bridge where he runs on the fells and drinks coffee (sometimes not in that order).

Latest ... LIVE at Leeds Polish Club Bar LS7 4JE on Friday 31 January 2020 with support from Roscoe & the Moody Mares ...

          The Blacksocks sound is a blend of Rock & Pop fused with Latin & Blues influences.